Here you have an opportunity to have your lessons with a professional concert pianist from Russia on a professional grand piano. Remote Skype lessons are also available so you can study in the comfort of your own home anywhere in Australia or abroad.

Music is a truly divine form of art that can express the most subtle emotions and feelings that can never be expressed by means of words or otherwise.

Some of the main benefits of learning to play the piano:

  • Cognitive development that can help in learning of any subject at a later stages;
  • Better and longer attention span and better memory;
  • Eye-Hand coordination development;
  • Dedication and commitment development;
  • Emotional expression and imagination development.

I believe that everyone has a gift and that it is important to work towards opening up everyone’s true potential.

Playing the piano is a very complex process that involves a lot of brain activity as well as physical activity of hands and fingers and a complete emotional involvement.

In my classes I focus on three main areas in piano playing:

  • Technique – focusing on many different exercises to develop complete independence and dexterity of fingers as well as their great strength and endurance. Working in many specialized ways on all technical places in repertoire pieces as well as on separately designed finger exercises;
  • Brain, memory and attention development – focusing on developing memory through different ways of memorizing and learning new repertoire pieces. Regular exercises that develop focus strength and attention span;
  • Emotional expression of feelings in music – focusing on expressing specific feelings in repertoire pieces. Working with imagination and intuitive subconscious perception of subtle nuances of emotions.

All ages and levels are welcome! I worked with children as young as 3 and adults of up to 75 years of age starting from preliminary to grade 8, high school certificates and all the way up to A-mus, L-mus, F-mus, B-mus and Master’s Degree levels. I will be more than happy to help you develop your skills in playing this amazing instrument.

For your Free Trial lesson please contact Illya on: 0405 357 747